Essay about My Outlook On Life Has Changed My Life

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My outlook on life has changed many times in the last thirty-three years. With every big change in my life, so did my outlook. As long as I can remember I wanted to go to college and make something of myself. My parents did not go to college but so badly wanted more for my sister and I so they really invested time in making sure that school was important and that we went to college. When getting into college I was a biology major from the start wanted to be an orthodontist. After the loss of my father my freshman year, I lost interest in science and school really. After moving home and transferring colleges I finally finished college. I was so excited to graduate and get my degree. During the last two years of college I switched my major and became interested in history and the idea of teaching. My visions for myself really didn’t go much further after graduating from college. I knew that some day I wanted to get married and have a family. During the last year of college I met my husband Rome, and it was a game changer. After college I was unclear as to what my path should be so I got a job as an administrative assistant for the City of Hillsboro. I knew it was not be a challenging job but one that paid well. I was happy to be getting married and being done with school. My vision of the future at this point in my life was focused on being married and starting a family. I did not love my job but it paid the bills and had a flexible schedule. I met some life…

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