My Opinion About My Family Member Grew Up From Thailand Refugee Camp

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My honest opinion about someone from my immediate family coming out as a transsexual or transgender would be that their decision is respected because it took a lot of courage to come out and accept the consequences. It would be hard to accept them but we live in a society that transgender and transsexual are becoming common, so it wouldn 't be as hard for me to accept them compare to my parents. We used to live in a place where changing gender doesn 't exist and people would accuse you harshly if you say you are a transgender. If someone in my immediate family come out it would be very surprising for my parents and they wouldn’t accept it. They have their own cultural values and they would think that it 's wrong to change your gender; you have to respect god 's creation. I would be very surprised because all my family member grew up in Thailand refugee camp where transgender don’t exist, so it’s almost impossible for them to feel the need to change their gender and their sexual orientation. I would need some time to process it and accept it.

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