Essay on My Note On My Value Sheet

2302 Words May 27th, 2016 10 Pages
When i compare my old value sheet with my new value sheet, i see a lot of differences. I saw that happiness has become my first priority now and then comfortable life. There are few things that have the same number like inner harmony, equality, freedom and self-respect. However, there are few things that have a huge difference. Last semester, i gave number sixteen to the true friendship but now i have number six for it, which means that my value for a true friendship has increased throughout this year. Moreover, the value of ‘mature love’ increased from four to eight. Which basically means that i am more concerned about getting a mature person in my life rather than having just a time pass relationship. When i compared my two value sheets, one thing that i realized is that, i 've been thinking more maturely now than I was last year. My top five values last year were : A comfortable life, A world at peace, Happiness, Family security, Wisdom. Compared to that, my top five values now are : Happiness, A comfortable life, Family security, Mature love, Self respect. I can see how i’ve changed throughout. My personality matters more for me now. On the other hand, my bottom five values last year were: An exciting life, pleasure, Inner harmony, National security and A world of beauty. Compared to that, my bottom five values now are: A world of beauty, A world at peace, Inner harmony, An exciting life and recognition by society. I see few similarities and differences in the value…

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