My, My Sister And I Are Smiling Posing For A Picture Essay

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One Last Goodbye
My sister and I are smiling posing for a picture, well at least my sister is, while I on the other hand am sticking my tongue out looking who knows where. I don’t remember much about this day, but how much can you really expect a 4 year olds brain to retain? I do remember us being closer than ever though, she was like my best friend…actually she was my best friend. We were meeting up the last time before our adoptions were finalized. In the background is our social worker, he worked so hard to throw us such a great last visit and get us adopted to great families.
I was born in Bridgeton, New Jersey on October 4th, 1997. I was shortly after placed into the foster system at the age of 2 years old. I have no memory of my parents except for me once getting a homemade hair cut from my birth father during one of our family visits and coming home to my foster family and them hating it. My parents weren’t murdered, die a horrible death, some strung out druggies, or bad parents like so many people assume; the fact is, they were a young couple and they couldn’t afford to keep us, and that was about it from what I was told. Though the thing with the foster system is that they believe the less you know about your birth family the better so honestly I’d probably have to contradict that last statement because I don’t know what type of people my parents really were. Though I do know a little bit about my sister.
My sister name was Christine Michelle Shelton before she was…

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