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Mentor essay

For my mentor essay I chose Daniel cloud Campos. My reason for choosing him is because he has written and directed some of my favorite music videos. I hope to do a majority of my work with music videos because music is a second passion of mine. Campos is very small time so finding info on him personally has proven a difficult task. However, I am determined to do my essay on him so I decided I will be focusing on 5 of his pieces that I love most. I will do a small breakdown of the shorts and explain what I learned from them and how I aspire to learn more about the techniques he uses.
Let’s start with a recent short by Mr. Campos. “I’ll Hold”. This short is one of my favorites. It is simple and to the point. The short is about a character that is put on hold while ordering some take-out. He then gets encapsulated by the hold music playing through the phone. It is a “Groovy” song by Stevie Wonder; Superstitious. The character starts out merely tapping his hands but the music takes over to the point that he plugs in his phone into the loud speakers letting the beat fill his house as he dances around his apartment then his delusions of dancing up on stage get brought to a close as the lady comes back on the phone asking him what he needs. He then, out of breath, tells her he wants to order take-out. She then says, “Can you hold please?’ He looks at the camera smirks and says “Ya, I don’t mind.” Then it cuts to black as the music plays on throughout the end credits.…

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