My, My Favorite Assignments Essay example

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In my portfolio, I have included three of my favorite assignments. They were not only enjoyable to write, but also demonstrate how I have completed all the course outcomes and met all the assignment requirements. The assignments that illustrate this best include the process essay, rhetorical analysis and contest essay, and the ethnography. I have analyzed these specific papers, and found how they have not only met all the requirements of the assignments and the course, but they have also shown how my writing improves through each draft. In the process essay, I accurately describe and analyze my writing process, and discuss how it can be improved, by making it more flexible to fit different styles of writing, especially creative writing. In the first three paragraphs after the introduction, I discuss my process, using terms such as brainstorming, revise, edit, and other writing related vocabulary to accurately depict, in detail, what my process includes. In the fifth paragraph, the process previously described is broken down and analyzed, illuminating its downfalls, specifically the strict order and need of an outline before drafting. It then focuses on how I can change the process, by using free-writing to allow more creativity while attempting stories or poems. Before turning the assignment in, I wrote four drafts and then a fifth, featured in the portfolio, motivated mostly by peer reviews, correcting some grammar and urging me to use more examples. Next was the…

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