Analysis Of My Real Imaginary Friends By Jason Latouche

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In, “My Real Imaginary Friends: iCarly and the Power of Hyperreality,” Jason LaTouche argues that the Nickelodeon television series iCarly introduced new effective techniques into the hyperreality television category and effectively represents the techniques used in older hyperreality television shows. He also explains why people become so immersed in these types of shows by discussing the techniques producers use to manipulate their audiences’ minds. LaTouche defines hyperreality as a person’s conscience not being able to tell the difference between fact and fiction. He also describes how directors of television series have spent years trying to perfect the use of this technique. LaTouche gives the reader brief information on the success
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The analysis of a text allows for a deeper understanding behind the author’s work, techniques to use in one’s own writing, examples of how to compose a paper that is effective, and critical thinking and writing skills just to name a few. For the research article, “My Real Imaginary Friends: iCarly and the Power of Hyperreality,” written by Jason LaTouche (2011), I analyzed the text by determining the genre it was formatted in and made annotations throughout the piece. These reading techniques allowed me to evaluate LaTouche’s approach to a text …show more content…
While going through this process I look for LaTouche’s tone to make sure he is professional, this includes having sexist or biased comments. For instance, he was very respectful throughout the paper and even noted that iCarly can be a “children’s or adult’s” show. Once getting an idea of his tone, I began looking for the purpose of the article. To find the purpose I usually use the title for my reference, which normally leads me to the main idea of the piece of any article easily; however, sometimes it can be difficult to interpret if the author only makes implications. For instance, in Joe Nocera’s article, “Is Donald Trump Serious?” (2015), he writes about the things Trump plans to do if he becomes president, yet never states his own opinion on how Trump would instigate riots, cause wars between countries, and put the nation in more debt. LaTouche’s article, however, is much easier to analyze since there are only a few implications made throughout the text. Instead, I look for any obvious or blunt facts that state his side, a shift in tone, or professionalism when he discusses the topic. In this article, the purpose, for instance, is how iCarly is revolutionizing how hyperreality series are made, how much control a television show can have over somebody, and how someone can be tricked into believing fictional characters are

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