My, My Brother And My Kid Essays

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A kid? Maybe at 30. Friday night movie with my wife and my kid. That’s what I would probably want when I hit 30. I want a boy first and I want to raise him by playing a role of being a good father.Most important thing I want to have is good characteristics. Having a good characteristics is important while raising a kid. Characteristics I want to be in my family while raising my kid is education being a priority and involvement in my child life.

Raising my kid by keeping education the priority is very important to me. I just don’t want to force my kid to go to school or college. I want to explain him why education is important. I want to tell him the benefits for education like how education is going to help him prepare for his future, getting a high paying job will be easy when he has a degree and having a degree will make you feel secure about the future. I will make sure that my kid will start deciding his future in early stages so when the time comes to decide his major instead of being confused he would be confident about what he wants to do. The most important thing that I would explain him is that to do what you want and do whatever makes you feel happy. I want my kid to know that getting a higher education is important because I learned that in a hard way. I had to quit my school to help and support my parents and I worked 75 hours a week and I saw myself going nowhere. There I was putting so much hard work. Probably more than most people and I couldn’t see…

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