Essay on My Most Important Skills For My Future -learning

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As humans, we all have things we are good at and others that we aren’t even competent in. For some it might be math and people skills respectively, for others the opposite. For the majority of my life I’ve been working on one of the most important skills for my future –Learning. In the world of philosophy one of the greatest assets is the mind and its ability to learn and question. Like most students I’ve been thought that to be a good student you have to abide by everything the teacher tells you. From making note cards to vocabulary tests. Unfortunately for me my greatest strength is also my kryptonite. By the time I entered second grade I knew there was something different about me and my learning methods. The teachers often sent me out of the class, mind you not for the reasons you think. I wasn’t a problem child whatsoever, but I did have the answers to next week’s lesson 99 percent of the time. It was a twisted kind of gift – being able to retain so much information without the slightest work, and being intelligent enough to rationalize at such an early age yet not really allowed to progress with my education at a pace I felt comfortable with. Often when the teacher would tell me to stop answering so much so that other students could learn, I didn’t comply, choosing my entertainment – really it was all an attempt for me to not be bored – over giving my fellow classmates the ‘oportunity’ to learn. So what could a teacher do to even out the playing field between me and…

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