My Most Five Strengths, And The Levels Of Multiple Intelligences

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Through these tests I have learned my primary learning style, my top five strengths, and the level of my multiple intelligences. I learned that my main learning style is kinesthetic, so I learn more through doing and using my senses. Secondly, I learned that my top five strengths are group relations, integrator, believing, equalizer, and historian. Lastly, I learned the ranking of my multiple intelligences which are, from highest to lowest: interpersonal, kinesthetic, linguistic, logical, intrapersonal, visual/special, naturalistic, and musical. The only results I was surprised in seeing was having historian as a strength, since I don’t really find myself knowledgeable about history, the fact that knowing myself was such a low intelligence, …show more content…
The multiple intelligences test results states my highest ranked intelligences were interpersonal, kinesthetic, linguistic, logical. These results suggest that I would do well in a career that involves personally helping others, or any career that involves personal interaction, as opposed to desk work or a research lab. Knowing that my top choices for possible career paths are to be a professor or to be a physician’s assistant, I can use these intelligences in those fields.
As a professor I can use my interpersonal intelligence to connect to students and understand their educational needs, I can use my kinesthetic intelligence for teaching other students who work well with that type of learning style, I can use my linguistic intelligence to know how to speak to different students in different situations, and I can use my logical intelligence to
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With the same idea in mind from my previous examples, I can use these multiple intelligences to consider other career options such as being a psychologist, or a lawyer. These tests helped broaden the understanding of myself. I was able to agree with most of the results I got, and it made me think on how these abilities could help me in my desired future. I had a question in particular regarding the multiple intelligences test. My question was why is “music” a specific category, as opposed to it just being called “auditory”? I was kind of confused by that aspect of the results, because I do not understand why music would be seen a specific intelligence, I just found it a bit odd. Another question was would a learning style be considered an intelligence? Since, kinesthetic was a result for both the earning styles quiz,

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