My Mission For An Advertising Agency Essays

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A company I would like to work for is Rethink Canada. Rethink is an advertising agency located in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal (Canada, 2016). The owner-operated company launched in 1999 in Vancouver by the founders Chris Staples, Ian Grais and Tom Shepansky (Canada, 2016). They offer jobs in departments like, advertising, design, social, digital, and product innovation. The company cares about their employees and well-being with focusing on work/life balance. Rethink has around 51-200 employees and is privately held (Corporations, 2016). In 2015, the company won bronze for the “agency of the year” award (Haynes, 2015). I want to work for them because they have similar values and missions.
Career Objective
My mission for my career is to work at an advertisement agency and flourish my creativity and business insights and working up to a marketing art director position. I also want to contribute many ideas and tasks that are impressive and beyond expectations of clients and the company. Work/life balance is an asset when developing my career path. I value my work as much as my health. I would like 40 hours a week and not more. My health is very important to me and in order to keep happy, I need a balance of free time and work time. One reason I want to work for Rethink is because the staff works together in an unseparated area. They care more about the staff than having a nice building (Canada, 2016). Another value I hope to have is an open work environment.…

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