My Memories Of My Childhood Essay

1025 Words Oct 20th, 2016 5 Pages
I honestly really enjoyed being a kid. I would like to believe I had a wonderful childhood, it was always fun and exciting. I remember my childhood almost as if they weren’t mine, as if they are from a movie because they are so vivid and clear. Not sure if it shows I had a fairly good memory or just a great childhood in general. I would like to think both. All those included in my life when I was young are usually in awe when I tell them of the memories I still have. For example, I remember the day my brother was born clearly as if I can almost place myself there. I think I would have been around three years old and maybe 3 months old and I can almost still place myself in some of the memories if I try hard enough. For the most part if I sit and think about it hard enough I can still recall a lot but it seems as I have gotten older I either stopped paying as much attention or my memory is not the same. I think every kid goes through at least a time period or series of events that seem to help shape them in someway. Those strong, specific memories for me seem to be ones that include my grandparents on my mom’s side, who are addicts and have always somehow mess something up when they show back up. My relationship with them was never normal because like I said they were addicts and always out being selfish so sometimes they would disappear. The memories they left behind were the problem, not them showing up because as time grew on I began to understand and not get so upset or…

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