My Memories : My Family Essay examples

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Reminiscing on the memories I hold dear of my family, tends to make me feel downhearted. It seemed that the days went faster than anticipated. All the moments my family and I shared have made me realize how much I miss the “good old days.” As I have developed loving relationships and lasting memories, I want to make sure that my children forge the same impressions. Just like I learned to work as a family and uphold tradition, I would only hope to do the same for the next generation.
A vivid memory of mine is a time when all of my family would sit outside bundled up by the campfire telling stories in the cold night, as the moon was shining bright above us. I valued sitting back, relaxed listening to my family tell their stories while hearing the tree branches rustle in the wind and the crickets chirp. I adored being surrounded by my siblings, listening to their laughter’s of merriment. Every autumn my neighbor, Mike, would take our family on a trailer ride with his tractor down a dark, foggy trail. I could hear the coyotes howling in the distance as their cries carried through the wind. Even though it was a bit unsettling, the scenery was so vivid, with a clear path ahead of us and the moon shining off the pond.
One of my favorite activities to do with my family was to play capture the flag at night. We would head out to the cornfield where we would divide into two teams. I would become frightened because I couldn’t differentiate with what was in front of me. It seemed like…

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