Personal Narrative: Bigfoot

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Devlin pushed the branches aside and squinted. Smoke lingered above, and as he wiped the sweat from his forehead a figure began to take shape in the distance. The familiar shiver of fear caught him short. Devlin peered at the figure, ripples of fog rising. When the figure came into view, Devlin smiled. He and his partners work had finally paid off. There, sitting directly in front of them was Bigfoot. Devlin and his partner Stacey could not believe their eyes. Twenty two years of devotion towards searching, waiting, and locating Bigfoot has all collected into this one moment.
Devlin went to reach for his camera, but when he swung his hand around, he hit a large, furry object. Him and Stacey suddenly felt a bolt of warm air brush over the back
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We both grew up in the same neighborhood, and we always loved to go on adventures in the forest. We loved to play outside and every moment was some kind of joke. We were never really serious about anything until college. Luckily we were interested in the same things and were in all the same classes. This is where our love for mythical creatures got the best of us. We both took a course on cryptozoology, and the creatures that were believed to exist. I fell in love with the course more than any of my other classes. We made a vow at the end of college that if we both were not married by thirty five, we would spend the rest of our lives searching for our favorite mythical creature, Bigfoot. I think we both avoided marriage on purpose because we both knew what we wanted to do with our lives, and being married would hinder our search. So I guess I am exactly where I wanted to be. Tied up in a cave with my best friend on the border of New Jersey with no food, water, help, or a camera containing all the proof. What to do, what to …show more content…
She suddenly remembers that Devlin dropped the camera when the other Bigfoot snuck up behind them. She tells Devlin this, and he tells her they need to find a way out of her first. Stacey says that they should try to scooch around and see if they can bump into anything useful. Devlin, unable to come up with a better idea, agrees to the plan. They start shifting back and forth for several minutes. Unable to feel anything, and they stopped thinking that all hope was lost. Devlin leaned back to lay down when his head hit something hard and bumpy. He looked over to Stacey and told her that he found a stalagmite. Devlin told Stacey to try to lift a piece of the rope over and around the stalagmite. Once they were able to get it over, they started to turn back and forth to try to rip the rope using the friction from the rope against the rock. They continue to turn back and forth but nothing happens. Then, after a long time of what seemed to be wasted effort, the rope caught on

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