Essay on My Memories At The Time

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It was a warm early morning on June 29th, 1999 where the day of introduction occurred. About 6:45 A.M. When the placement of my twelve and a half pound body was placed in the arms of my mother. The memories at the time are non-existent, but I do remember where the memories started. About a 4 year old child with dark brown hair, brown eyes and chubby cheeks. Hobbled around the floor below everyone, knocking into people 's legs just for pure enjoyment. Brothers would watch the chaos of the running around with some type of ball at any time. Happiness wasn’t there completely though. Just because there was 3 of us children with a father and mother didn’t work out too long. As an estimate, around my birthday, I woke up one morning to the short breath crying of my mother. While my eyes still groggy, I could faintly see her looking at me. Such a beautiful lady. About 5’ 7” with long brown hair, nice big brown eyes always accompanied by some blue framed glasses, and always a big white smile that didn’t exist right now. She ever so softly asked me “Jd? Will you pack a bag for momma with a bunch of clothes and toothbrush so we can go out?” I wanted to ask why she was crying but for some odd reason the question seemed to be able to wait. Besides the slowness of my body early in the morning. I did get the power rangers’ bag packed in several minutes. Just shoving clothes in there to then realize several hours later every piece of clothing is wrinkled. Also my Marcus Allen blanket that…

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