My Major Work If Is A Short Story Essay

1178 Words Mar 25th, 2016 null Page
My major work If… is a short story exploring notions of familial relationships, ultimately enforcing the value of parents and the unchanging love families give. The title If… conveys the emotions of regret as well as the sense of bitterness in life. This mirrors what I want my major to achieve, making the audience reflect on their actions towards their family members and parents in particular as well as allow them to anticipate their future with their children. My audience is middle aged women that have established families with children, and so they are able to understand the emotions and empathise better with my characters and story. The form, a short story of 5000-6000 words is most suitable as it allows me to change perspectives and incorporate flash forwards and backwards effectively. My major work relates to the HSC Advanced course through the Area of Study of discovery as my short story explores the process of how the protagonist, Ai’ Han, understands the importance of family. It also relates to the Extension One elective After the Bomb as it portrays the fear of nothingness and death in the context of the 21st Century.
I have chosen my English Extension Two major to be in the form of a short story. Despite a play and short film being other options, the most ideal choice for me was a short story. My story takes place over a few days however there are numerous flashbacks and location changes which a short story is able to execute better due to the clear signs it can…

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