Persuasive Essay On Small Town America

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Small Town America
I grew up in the small town of Natchez, Mississippi spending Friday nights on the football field and Saturdays and Sundays in the woods. For a teenager in a town this size, entertainment is extremely hard to come by. Each week is filled with school, homework and practice, but on the weekends, I head to the woods where nothing is ever predictable. Each Saturday and Sunday, I get up early and make my way to the camp. It does not matter if it is turkey, squirrel or deer season, I have always had a pure love of hunting. For me, there is no better feeling than the adrenaline rush you get when a trophy animal finally emerges itself in the clear which creates a perfect and clean shot. Some of my best memories are not just limited to the amount of time and hard work that was spent preparing for the hunt but also the thrill of harvesting a trophy animal.
Prior to hunting season, my family, friends and I prepare the land in hopes of being able to harvest the game. Weeks before the season opens, weekends are filled with bush hogging, disking, and planting food plots. This work is done so the game will begin feeding in these plots prior to the beginning of the hunting season. This
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Sometimes you can spend an entire year hunting a trophy buck that has been seen on camera and never get the opportunity to see him in the wild. However, there are other times where you find yourself in the perfect scenario which leads to one of the best hunts of your life. For me, the best part about hunting is the memories that are made with my friends and family. I have had some of the best experiences of my life at the camp and in the woods, and I will never forget them. There is nothing better than sharing hunting stories around a campfire with people who share your passion for the hunt. This love and respect that I have for hunting along with time spent with loved ones making great memories is something that I will cherish

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