Lifetime Goals Research Paper

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My lifetime goal is very different from my dream. Dream can be taken away for goals cannot. There are some physical element that can interrupt with achieving my dream whereas there my goal cannot be interrupted. For example, my dream is to become a great computer science engineer to change the world, but one day through an accident, something that I cannot control, I may loss my eye and never keep my hands in the engineering field this is why my lifetime goal is different. My life time goal is to save people something that I can continue to do no matter what. I was very egocentric to a point where I used the surrounding environment, resources, and people to make myself a better person but now my goal is to change the surrounding from what I …show more content…
The school club allowed me to see the importance of what this group of peoples can do for the school and the communities. As I was getting involved with the clubs, I had a great opportunity, created by the school, to help the homeless people, people with inconvenient health, little children, seniors and ext. As I was helping either directly or indirectly, I always kept in mind that through my hours of service I could help and give enjoyment to many numbers of people so I should give my best to the things I do in remembrance of those people that might have a happy moment in their life. Through the club activities I participated, I was able to help the communities and the peoples that need some extra supports. Other than this school club activities I also attended some leadership seminars provided by the Dallas Korean organization. These seminars that are held once a year taught me to be bold and how to work with people that I’ve never met before by creating activities that need everyone 's thoughts and involvements. I used to have a stranger anxiety where I don 't get along with people that I do not know, but through those seminars I learned how to connect with people to understand and work together. This was a large step toward my life’s goal because now I am not only able to help my …show more content…
By being successful in my life, I can give the greater help to the people that 's around me. And the way to achieve my dream is from my future educations during my college, graduate school, and in my workplace. I like to learn new interesting techniques, skills, and education to make them as my own talent. I like to embrace these talents and use it to create new functions of life. As up to now my role model is Bill Gates and because I am stronger in the mathematics and sciences side of the education I like to be an engineer. Bill Gates’ dream and his goal were to have a computer on every desk and in every home. That dream that Bill Gates had impacted his life and to reach for that goal he have set. Bill Gates is now known as the man who changed the world’s use of technology. My dream was inspired by Bill Gates and his achievement which is to changing the world. Bill Gates opened the new door to the world of innovation and as the world passes by fast the technology grew faster. Through the education and experience I receive from the future, I want to be part of the group to change the world for the benefit of the society and the

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