Who Changed My Life

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My life first emerged when I came out of my mother wound 16 years ago. Ever Since then I encountered a lot of obstacles that could’ve put me away, but I picked myself up and kept fighting for greatness. I thank God for where he has put me today because I’m living up to higher standards. My life really changed was when I was 6 years old and my father was sent to prison for a year and some days. Things got really hard then. I still had a young mindset because I really wasn’t old enough to know what was going on. I still remember my younger siblings asking my mom “Where’s Dad”? “Is he coming home”? All my mom kept saying was, “Kids he’ll be home soon”. That whole time was a struggle. Bills weren’t getting paid on time. Some nights we had to sit in the house with the lights off because my mom didn’t have money to pay the bills. There were time when we had to go to the grocery store to get gallons of water, Put it on the stove, and take baths because we didn’t have enough money to pay the bill at the time.
My mom kept being strong
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I first started Rec league. I loved it, I cherished it, and I believed in it. I remember them times, I couldn’t make layups or jump shots. Now I can do it with ease and that’s all because of the strength God has gave me. Everyone has a struggle point and at that time it was me. My parents always wanted me to get good grade and succeed in school. In middle school I started to struggle a little.Then I started slacking because I had a little girlfriend. Grades started going down. I was putting things aside just for that girl. I wasn 't as smart as I am today. On my report cards I was getting 65’s in classes that were particularly easy. My mom was going hold me back ,but I “stepped my game up” coming to the end of the year. 8th grade year was my best school year. in every class I had an A or a B. I was the Most Valuable Player of my basketball team and we almost won a

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