Concussions Essay

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The Concussion While growing up my life had always been about basketball. My life was always dedicated to practice and games, there was not very much time for anything else like friends birthday parties or movies. My life would always revolve around either basketball or school. Right after school I would go straight to basketball and right when basketball would end I would go home and do my homework. I did not know what to do to balance everything out, my grades were never bad but they weren’t what I wanted them to be. But when I got my concussion from basketball my grades started to plummet due to the fact that I was missing a lot of school. But because of my teacher Mrs. Krenz and my doctor at the time, they gave me the skills to work with …show more content…
Krenz does not realize it but because of her, I was able to pass her class and other classes as well. She helped me figure out ways on how to get my homework without putting too much strain on my head. Because of her she helped me pass the tenth grade and be able to move on to the eleventh grade. During the school year I had met with another doctor in hopes that she would be able to help me with my head situation. She did not specialize in concussions, she specialized in sleeping disorders. The first day she just wanted to talk to me and she tried to figure out what the main source of the problem could be. She was also big on me getting off of the thirteen different pills I was on. She came up with a theory that due to my concussion in freshman year it had given me post effects that caused the headaches and the sleeping disorder. By seeing her, she helped me get off of my pills and helped me get a schedule for my sleep so that I could have a routine. Because of Mrs. Krenz and the sleep doctor they helped me start to heal and find ways to deal with my post-concussion effects. I may be an insomniac and I may have chronic migraines for the rest of my life but because of my doctor I now have ways to deal with my sleeping disorder and my migraines. And because Mrs. Krenz, I now know how to deal with my homework even if I get migraines and if I didn’t sleep very well. These two people gave me the tools to succeed in school and life even with my disability that my concussion

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