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I grew up in a home without any religion. When I was younger I always felt as if I had an emptiness inside me, but I could never explain what it was. As I got older I had begun to get comfortable with this emptiness to the point where I actually dismissed this feeling. At the age of seventeen I met my future husband John in 1994. His family was nothing like mine. They were devoted Catholics and went to church every weekend and every religious/saint holiday. As we began to date John asked me if I would attend church with him. I only attended church if it was for a wedding or a funeral. I remember like it was yesterday the first time I went to church with John. I had a nervous, uncomfortable feeling inside my stomach. But, once I got inside …show more content…
I have always tried to look at unfortunate issues as learning experiences. I will admit it’s not easy, but it does bring me closer to Jesus. I have experienced having to close our construction business, filing for bankruptcy, and losing our home due to foreclosure. It was an extremely dark time for me personally and I had many unanswered questions as to why this happened. But, I had to push forward and trust in Jesus and refocus. My husband, daughters and I began to pray diligently and ask direct questions to Jesus. We knew he would give us an answer on what our next steps should be. We prayed for Jesus to show us a good city that had God-fearing people, good quality communities, and superior schools. In June of 2013 he spoke to me and showed me wonderful places to live in the United States and a city came up in Money magazine called McKinney, Texas. I remember telling my husband and parents we needed to take a trip and see if this was a positive place to live. We did make a trip out to Texas in August of 2013. Once here we fell in love with the people of Texas and the communities. During that trip we came for service at Gateway Church for the first time. My daughters could not stop talking about how unbelievable and magical Gateway was and how they felt the presence of the Lord. Therefore, we all agreed that moving to Texas was a

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