My Life Vision Essay

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Throughout the last two months of my life, I have grew and learned a lot of new things. I’ve read some of the bible and learned a few verses that gives me a basis for vocation to be a psychologist. I have learned the rule of time management in Christian stewardship. I have learned, and still am continuing the development of my personality. I have learned the seven habits of Covey’s seven habits of highly effective people, and the value continuously practice them. I have learned what I envision myself doing for the rest of my life, after reflecting on I Corinthians 3:8 and 4:2. By leaning these things it has enabled me to enhance and better my quality of life. Furthermore, learning the things that I have experienced in the last two months, has …show more content…
It was a guideline to help me be able to develop a life vision. So what is my life vision? My life vision is: To consistently keep growing and developing my character every day that I am blessed to live life. I want to live forever. I understand that as a human we all must die, but I want to be granted everlasting life. Not in human form but in my spirit. For example, people like Martin Luther King Jr, Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth and Jesus Christ all still live here in the world amongst us. Not in human form but by their spirit. The things that they did when they were alive, how they treated the next person, the values that they lived by, and Jesus Christ even died on a cross to pay for all of our sins today. This is how I will live my life. I will treat my neighbor with love and respect. I plan to implement the things that I learned in time management for Christian Stewardship, the biblical basis for vocation, personalities and developments, and Covey’s seven habits for highly effective people into my every day life. I am going to be a good steward to my gift, and my circle of influence and teach them life lessons. Lessons such as, there is no such thing as a life that’s better than yours. For example, there is always going to be another car better than the one you have. But, as long as the people inside of it love you dearly, you will still have a home. There will always be a car that’s better than yours, there will always be a woman more attractive than the one you marry, there will always be someone who has better clothes than yours, but the principle behind it all is you’ll never be happy until you love yours. You need to love your car, you need to love your clothes, and you need to love your wife. I plan to continue to study the bible, to be able to be able to teach the youth the message I learned in I Timothy 3:2. I want to be able to use the seed I planted in

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