My Life Of My Ma Essay

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All year, the family going about their lives, the family bonds stronger than ever, going through everyday life, like a nearly perfect family. Then one day our prayers were answered. My uncle returned home. The uncle who had been as a father to me. But what we thought would bring our family closer together did just the opposite. Though I am grateful for my Ma who threw me a much needed lifeline.
My Ma is a small hispanic woman. She’s petite, representing her innocence, but not her bold personality. She has skin as rich as caramel, with short medium brown hair, almost always curled. She has a good sense of style, knowing what’s considered “in”. She goes singing in beautiful evening wear, at least once a week. My Ma has a beautiful and bright smile, with happy eyes that can lighten a room.
My Ma is not only an intelligent woman, but with her years on earth comes wisdom. She is a woman who speaks her mind, which to some those words may be taken as acrimonious. Though she has respect, for herself and others, treating those who deserve, with kindness and understanding. She is the heart of my family, always putting family first. She is a strong woman, with a heart of gold, who can make anyones day better with just her warm embrace.
My Ma has been a significant part of my life since birth. She has always listened to my most precious thoughts like a mother would with her daughter. She is the person I talk to, not in replacement of my mother, but as an addition to the support in my…

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