Reflection Paper About Aa Meeting

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I recently went to an AA meeting at the Lamb Center in Fairfax, Virginia. It is a small center and by approaching the center I could tell that the meeting would be held in a smaller circle than what my classmates told me from their experiences. Even though I am a very relaxed person, when it comes to meeting total strangers I had my reservation on what to expect. We were instructed to be sitting in the back and basically just observe; yet I could see that “hiding” in the back at this place was an impossible task. After I parked my car and approached the door and elderly gentlemen approached me and asked if I was here for the meeting. I shortly answered yes. He continued asking me and another person what were the reasons for us to attend this …show more content…
Further it was a discussion beginners meeting, which includes sharing of personal stories on a certain topic. Out of the pre-conversation I could detect that 4 out of the 9 attended these meetings regularly while the other 6 (including me) were first timers. After entering the room and sitting down in a small circle we were about 10 people attending the meeting. I immediately recognized a religious connection with the group/program which I didn’t ever considered before. Not that it bothered me, knowing that most of AA meetings are held in churches, but I just never associated both with each other The meeting started with one of the AA members reading some sort of Alcoholic Anonymous definition that despite its short length I cannot reconcile a 100%; but it included a phrases that basically said that an AA member acknowledges that the alcohol took over them and that they couldn’t control it without help. The meeting continued with a portion read out of the Alcohol Anonymous book, which they call the BIG BOOK. The passage of the day was a portion of Chapter 5 it includes three basic steps that every AA member accepted within their

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