The Cuban Swimmer By Milcha Sanchez-Scott's The Good Fathers

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The Good Father’s

When reading two stories do you ever notice the similarities, each has in common? Most times readers relate stories to how different they are from one another. In this case by analyzing the similarities of the fathers and the symbolic elements of each story, one could argue the fathers intentions, though good, costed them their families.

El Santo Americano by Edward Bok Lee and The Cuban Swimmer by Milcha Sanchez-Scott are two stories that are filled with family conflict. Though both stories are different, similarly each story expresses how, psychologically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually draining it is for each of the characters involved and even to the reader.

The two main characters in these stories are
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In the same way these men are possessive and controlling, and may not act as if they had the best intentions. Though each of these men had their own personal reasons for kidnapping, each of these men committed the act of kidnapping. In El Santo Americano, Clay was losing everything. His career for starters was to be a loser, but then things really felt to be all a loss. He marriage went to shambles, he and his wife divorced which mean not only did he lose his wife, but lost his son. At this point Clay only had wrestling, but that came to an end the day he decided to win his match. Though Clay won his match that wasn’t his place and it costed him his career. Clay at this point seems as if he snapped and proceeded to commit the act of kidnapping of his wife and son. Clay kidnaps them and drives off toward the dark, deserted desert with a better life envisioned in his mind. As for Eduardo in The Cuban Swimmer, he kidnapped his wife to leave his country for a better life. Eduardo took his wife without ever giving her a chance to say good-bye to the life, family, and country she only knew. Not only did he control his wife but his family, especially his daughter Margo. Eduardo strongly urged and pushed his daughter to be the best swimmer she could be. He coached and trained her. He saw this as an opening to a better future not only for his daughter but the family. Eduardo …show more content…
He may push his daughter to be the best she can be but he believes it’s for her future. He holds pride in his daughter and himself. Eduardo was the head usher at Holy Name Society and the owner of Treasure of The Sea Salvage Yard. Eduardo is a self made man. In addition, his wife is a beautiful and a former Miss Cuba. They had pride and resented being called simple people by the radio personality in the helicopter hovering over board. The reader clearly sees Eduardo my have kidnapped his wife, but she loved him and what he represented: the chance of a life of freedom and truth. They clearly saw through their faith and positive attitude the rainbows in life. “ Even rainbows on the water… a sign from

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