Carmen's Love To Carmen

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The opera starts in Seville, a city square by a cigarette factory where a young beautiful gypsy Carmen finds the love of her life. All of the Factory men would die for her however, Don jose the men that was paying no attention to her caught Carmen’s interest. To show him that she was interested in him she throws a flower at him so he can notice her. As the opera continues Don Jose falls deeply in love with Carmen although he got sent to prison and now is leaving to the military; he expresses his love to Carmen by using logic rather than emotion.On the other hand Carmen shows her affection by revealing her love to Don Jose by emotion.
Don jose is a nobel civilian that is enchanted by Carmen’s beauty. At the beginning of the opera Jose does not
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Did not realize her love for him until she Emilio a bullfighter starts flirting with her and she says to him “I am involved with someone else.” That is when Carmen notice that her love for Don Jose was stronger than what she thought. The gypsy Carmen protrades her love to Don Jose by tell not showing because she clearly states to Don Jose that if he really loved her; he would “desert the army and join her in a life of freedom in the mountains.” In this scenario Carmen is only interested in her feeling not about Don Jose. She wants what is best for her rather than what is best for both of them. She then starts making erupt of jealousy with Emilio because she see a better future with him rather than with Don Jose. This is because she is scared to let Jose leave and take that risk that he might or might not come back from the army. She is also overprotective over her man due to her demanding him to not go to the …show more content…
Although Carmen used her feelings to expressed her love; Don Jose used logic. Don jose’s point of view is logical due to the fact that he is able demonstrates Carmen by physically keeping carmen’s flower all those days in prison. This scenario is significant because Jose expresses how much he cares for carmen. Also Don Jose is recruited to go to the army however, Carmen is not pleased to hear those news. Instead of supporting and being there for jose because his mother is dying; she demands him to stay and please her in her wants and needs. Jose refuses but he promises her that he will be back for her. Beautiful Carmen is destroyed at that point of the opera and everything that jose tells her she is unimpressed. As carmen speaks she clearly establishes that “ She was born free and free she will die.” In this quotation she expresses her freedom of life as well as showing how she will not wait for jose to return from the army.
Nevertheless, this love opera is filled with emotions from beginning to end. Carmen’s seduction towards man, ended her relationship with Don Jose. Although Don Jose was madly in love with Carmen; she was never going to accept the fact that he was leaving to the army and not stay with her as she wished. Don Jose’s bases his actions and feeling on facts and logic, as he explains to carmen his love for her. Unfortunately, carmen did not have any sympathy for Jose because the more he showed

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