My Life Of My Grandfather Essay

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When my mother opened my room door at 6 am. and said “your grandfather is at the hospital and he wants to see all of his family”, I realized that it was one of the days that will carryout a tragedy event and I will never forget it. It was a cloudy, rainy day. There was no sunshine in it. My grandfather was one of the people who thought me many things about life, edified me, and advised me. I have lived with my grandfather since I was born. My family was consist of five people my grandfather, my grandmother, my mother, my father, and my aunt. All of them educate me, care of me and taught me many lessons about life. Grandfather was always advice me and give me a moral support. In addition, he told me how to avoid doing mistakes. Grandfather is a self-made person who started afresh in his life. He was born in a very poor family, but he challenged his cruelty conditions and worked hard in his study until he became an accountant in a prestigious company in the city of Basra in Iraq at the royal time. After he retired from his job he interested in raising his sons and grandchildren lessons in life and how to defy the harsh conditions. All his family and me went to the hospital without any clue about what happened to him. All the way to the hospital I thought about what happened to him that morning! And how he felt that time? I was concerned about his health. My family an I wondered about him whether he could remember us or not because last year my grandfather had…

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