Inspirational Quotes

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Inspirational quotes
1. Be brave, be honest, life is yours.
2. Life is all about giving, once you started giving you won’t ask for anything.
3. Giving is a way of getting.
4. Don’t worry you will succeed in the end.
5. I love those who always speak truth.
6. Don’t look back; you are not going that way.
7. Love is for those who know how to love others.
8. Love is always a way of giving.
9. When life stand by your side, never leave.
10. Sometimes loving yourself is the true answer.
11. When I do something right for others, life starts doing right.
12. Always dare to love more.
13. Those who dare to give unconditional love will never fail.
14. When you can tell your story without crying you healed yourself.
15. Once upon a time everyone has stories.
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Complain is a way of losing faith in life.
65. Love universe, it’s the source of blessings.
66. Things have its own time, have patience.
67. You never know how beautiful you are when looking at yourself.
68. Sometimes staying away is coming closer.
69. I have my limits and I know to stay in limits.
70. Living is a way of loving god.
71. When god is besides you, you don’t need to prove ourselves.
72. It’s always meant to happen at specific point.
73. When I look myself, I have pride.
74. When I know who I am, no expectations.
75. Once you know how hard you went, you will never give up.
76. Start looking their perspective, you will stay easy.
77. Stay away stay blessed.
78. You need determination to love someone, who’s not yours.
79. Strong heart is not goal, lovely heart is needed.
80. You are enough of love.
81. You are worthy.
82. God’s love is a way to change you.
83. Life goes on, no worries no complain.
84. No please don’t say I give up.
85. Never think before taking hardest decision.
86. Its mind that makes all problems.
87. Its heart that knows all solutions.
88. Its love that makes other luckiest.
89. Its god that makes everything possible.
90. When comes to god, I am luckiest.
91. It’s not my life, it’s god’s

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