My Life Of My Family Essay

1044 Words Aug 26th, 2015 null Page
Every trait, every mannerism, every fiber of my being and who I am today can be credited in entirety to my family and the way that I was raised. My family was always expanding due to marriages, adoptions, and welcoming just about anyone with open arms. Because of this I’m extremely well-rounded and open to seeing multiple perspectives from all walks of life. My parents split up when I was three years old. Initially, like most children, I chose sides. As I grew older, I switched sides multiple times until I finally realized that both of my parents are flawed individuals still worthy of unconditional love and that there is no one concrete way to look at any situation. I was born in Burlington, North Carolina, and have never lived more than ten minutes away from any family member in any one direction. This only added to the close-knit feel of my family, because I was constantly surrounded by loved ones. I’m black, something that I’m very proud of and have never had any trouble with. I’m extremely loyal and outgoing, but can be snappy and brutally honest with people I’m closest to because I’m usually irritable and rarely think before I speak. However, they must know that I’m coming from a good place and everything I say and do is with love even when it may seem just the opposite. Although I don’t have any concrete hobbies other than binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy, one thing that I am so immensely passionate about is my dog, Lucy. Everything she odes puts the biggest smile on my…

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