My Family Character Analysis

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Many people find my family dynamic strange. My family structure is not a picture perfect family. My parents are separated and both seeing other people. My only sister is 5 years younger than me. My Dad came from a religious family where as my Mom did not. They read me bible stories and occasionally brought me to Buddhist temples, mosques, and gospel churches. I did not grow up with a strict religious background but I was introduced to religion and taught to respect everyone’s faith, making me somewhat spiritual of a person. I was raised to stand up for what I believe in. My mother is a strongly opinionated woman, and in a male dominated field she is not afraid to speak up and fight for her rights. Growing up listening to my mom complain about …show more content…
I could not be selfish and hole up with my emotions. I needed to be strong so that I could look after my sister. With my organized and clean dad out of the house, I was left to clean up. My mom, who is already a messy person, understandably cared even less after her marriage ended. Even though I was struggling myself emotionally, I needed to step up and take care of the household for my little sister. I began grocery shopping for the family, cooking us meals, and driving my sisters car pool to dance. Even after my mom got her emotions together and started dating her boyfriend, She was constantly gone on business trips or busy at work. I decided to take action in my household so that my sister could grow up in the same supportive environment I was raised in. When my mom was not at her best, I was there for my sister and I came forward to lead my sister onto to the right path. While I was looking out for my sister’s well being I didn’t realize that she became my best friend and was in turn supporting me emotionally. The responsibilities I took on after my parents separated taught me an important lesson about leadership. By being almost forced into a leadership position I saw how quickly I adapted to it because I needed to. Anyone can be a leader if the situation calls for it. And that same situation can shape a better …show more content…
As a leader in this experience and as someone who was previously moved by Dig Pink, I made sure that all of the younger girls realized the importance of what we were doing. I clarified that this wasn’t only a team bonding experience but a chance to make a change. Many who donated money were open about their relationship with cancer. Some were survivors and some had relatives or friends who lost their battle to cancer. As I organized all of these events and watched the younger girls help make them happen, it was amazing to see how others stories drove everyone to raise even more money. Many of the younger girls came to me with new fundraising ideas, or slowly became more and more devoted to helping out. I learned that when followers can find a deeper meaning in a goal, the productivity and enthusiasm increases. That year we ended up raising close to four thousand

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