Essay on My Life Of Becoming A Chef Or Going Into The Culinary Arts

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When I was younger I always had dreams of becoming a Chef or going into the culinary arts. When I asked my mom and dad what I had talked about doing with my life, they both told me about all the time I would spend in the kitchen with them making things from Pb&J to baked Haddock and Crème Brule. Today I find it amusing that my perspective on my future career has so drastically changed from a cook to a lawyer.
Just the other day I was interviewing my parents on the topic of this Career project. I decided to ask them what they thought would be a suitable career for me before I told them. Coincidentally within a matter of seconds the words “I think you would make a great lawyer” were already rolling off their lips. When I asked why they thought this they replied, “I think you have a natural sense of right and wrong, a passion for reading and the ability to refer back to it. You really are very smart.” (Jacobs, Karen) Of course you can’t factor out a parents supportive words of encouragement but it seemed legitimate.
Recently I e-mailed my family’s attorney (who also happens to be a good family friend) by the name of Elaine Dalton who graduated from the New England School of Law. I asked her a couple questions pertinent to becoming a lawyer and what would be involved in the process. Since Elaine has known me for a big portion of my life it was appreciated to have a more personal account on my inquiries, than if I were just to have contacted anybody in the profession out of the…

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