My Life Of A Single Parent For Now

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Single Parent for Now

Growing up with a single mother and men coming in and out of my life was hard to trust but then one man came along and showed me that not all men are the same.

I was raised by a single mother and had to learn things about men from a female. My mom taught me how to tie my shoes, ride my bike, throw a ball, and my mom even took me for my first haircut. I became what our society calls a “mommas boy.” As a child I didn’t know the difference because it was always just me and my mother. I was born in Rochester, NY and moved to Cleveland when I was 1 and a half. We moved into my grandmother’s half house and lived on the top floor. My father didn’t want to move with us so he stayed back in N.Y. I was too young to realize what
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And at that moment I didn’t know how to feel about it. My mother was filled with joy and ecstatic. Everyone at the party was expecting me to be happy about it, but I was scared about the same thing with Juan happening all over again. As time went on, they eventually got married and I was just now entering my teenage years. This was the first time my mom ever got married and I was hoping it would be the only time. We moved in with them immediately after they got married. I have relationship with my mother stronger than a lot of others and I wasn’t going to let my guard down with any man. I tried so hard for them to divorce, as bad as that …show more content…
However, Rick never gave me any reason not to like him with my mother. And I knew I wasn’t going to live with my mother my whole life, so I just stopped trying to interfere with what they had. I started to drift away from my mom because whenever I would want to talk to my mom Rick would snoop in. Through all of middle school and the first two years of high school; my relationship with Rick wasn’t good. He always wanted to act like I was his real son and I wasn’t for that. My mother was the glue that was holding this relationship between Rick and I together. And as I started to mature I began to realize that Rick was the only man that stayed faithful to my mother for this long of a period. For that I respected him and trusted him with my mom. Now today my relationship with Rick is better than I would have imagined about 4 years ago. Rick helped my mother and I trust again. Once trust is broken it’s hard get it back but everyone is different and deserves a

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