My Life Of A Big Wedding Or Having Children Essay

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Growing up, I was never really guided or encouraged to do anything with my life or to consider what my life would be like in the future. I had dreams of course, but they all seemed so unobtainable to me. I was not that child that dreamed of having a big wedding or having children. I certainly never considered that I would be forty years old with two failed marriages. Divorce was not spoken of within my own family. My parents did not model a happy, healthy marriage but it was not something that I ever recognized until after I was grown and married.
My mom often spoke about marriage as a commitment; however, I do not believe she ever demonstrated compromise or respect for my father. Their marriage failed in my opinion because of the lack of respect for one another. They always stood opposite on every issue, whether it was politics, religion, or discipline of me and my brothers. My mom is a very strong willed, independent woman and when she wanted something a particular way, she expected for things to be done in that fashion, no questions asked. I never understood why she did not understand the idea of compromise or communication. She never was satisfied with any outcome of any situation. I often sympathized with my father because he just could not win. If my parents would have communicated better, I believe their marriage could have been successful.
During my first marriage, I believe that I took on more characteristics of my father’s personality. I was usually the…

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