How My Life Lessons Learned

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No matter the extent of how life-changing an event may be, every person who has lived on this planet has experienced and been shaped by some sort of lesson. I experienced my life lesson sooner than most people, but I am grateful that I learned it when I did and I owe my life to this specific event. No matter a person’s age, gender, or situation, this lesson is vital to happily survive and excel in this world. The lesson I learned was to let go; I learned to let go of grudges, and to let go of toxic people in my life. In today’s society, people are concentrated on being loved and accepted by all people; but in order to be completely appreciated, people change who they are. People alter the way they look and behave in order to be pleasurable to a certain person, but may act like themselves around another person. I have heard the phrase “let go of people who do not make you a better person”, but I viewed this quote as a joke. …show more content…
I was lost on why I could not get anyone to love me and why my life had been spiraling down ever since I lost my best friend. I believed that there was something truly wrong with me. I never thought that perhaps I was the one who needed to change her personality and her mindset in order to keep a steady healthy relationship. I loathed any time I had to spend alone, so I would either spend time with the wrong people or I 'd waste my time alone. I typically spent time with the people who did not make an effort to benefit me as an individual, and honestly these friends could care less whether I was around them or not. Eventually, I realized that I did not want to be around people who did not bother to prove that our friendship was real and who pressured me into activities that I am less than proud to announce. After I cut my ties with them, I did not have any friends and I did not trust my family with any of my secrets or my

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