My Life Is A Man With My Mother 's Side Of The Family Essay

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At a mere fifteen years of age, I am beginning to figure things out, in regards to what type of man I am and the one I want to become. As I have heard from my family, life can knock anyone down, no matter where you come from, but the key to success is to strive to get back up and keep on fighting life’s struggles. If I can live my life enduring those obstacles, then I know that I will become a man with perseverance, strength, and a man of no regrets. Life is like a videogame with levels, and each one is more difficult than the last. The only difference between life and a videogame, is that you cannot start over, and must try to make every moment last. Someone in my life, who has taught me about the importance of perseverance, is my grandfather from my mother’s side of the family. I had the opportunity to interview him, and he told me that his life was very difficult. He had to rely on being hopeful, hard working, and independent, in order to make it where he is today. These three values are the most important values that he has taught me about, because they have helped me deal with the struggles in my life. I hope one day to become half of the man that he is today. He taught me about hard work, when we discussed his mother’s death. At the age of twelve years old, he not only lost his mother to cancer, but also was forced to become a man sooner than he expected. His brothers and sister, even though somewhere older than him, relied on him to be the adult in their lives. He…

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