My Life I Have Played Competitive Softball Essay

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For most of my life I have played competitive softball. Throughout softball my career, I have witnessed many different types of parents and players. Every parent acts differently when it is their child on the field playing. Some are enthusiastic, and others are just chilling on the stands. Over the years I have managed to narrow different types of softball moms into three different categories: the Number One Fans, the Crazies, the Wanna Be Coaches, and the Fun Suckers. The calmest of all softball moms is the Number One Fans. This mom is very optimistic and uplifting but can often overlook their daughter’s wrong doings. She is the one everyone can hear screaming support for her daughter and fellow teammates. Her weapon of choice is usually cowbells, pompoms, and occasionally a blow horn. This is my mom. Bless her heart, she cheers, hoots, and hollers, but she only understands a little bit about what is actually happening. This mom has the nickname “team mom” because she takes care of all of the players like they are her daughter. She brings food and snacks during back to back games at tournaments. The only downside to being a Number One Fan mom is that she can be blindsided by how great their daughter is and refuse to see any faults. When their daughter drops a ball or strikes out, these moms believe it just bad luck. There are usually only one or two types of these moms on every team. The next mom is very similar to the Number One Fan, but The Crazies are a lot more…

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