Essay on My Life Has Been A Series Of Bad Luck

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My life has been a series of bad timing and bad luck. I believe if Lemony Snickets would have heard my story she would have titled her series The Series of Semi-Unfortunate Events. When most kids look back on their childhood they think about family vacations, the time they built a tree house with dad or running through the sprinklers when I look back the first thing I think of is when my parents got divorce. I don’t want to set the wrong picture for my childhood, it was great. I battled monsters in the sand box and made countless trips across the vase lands to the barn, I was always lucky to return home alive before dinner of course.
When I was seven years old my parents tried to explain to me that they would be moving into separate houses and that I would be seeing them both but they weren’t going to see each other. At seven years old I didn’t understand what it meant all I knew of love is what I’d seen in Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan and Barbie and the Nutcracker. I didn’t understand the struggles of balancing family, jobs and the finances all you know at seven is that you are all supposed to live happily ever after.
In my eyes nothing was worse than leaving my best friend who live 94 steps from my house where now I’d have to drive over an hours just to see her. As distraught as I was that she’d find a new best friend the idea of two Christmas mornings, two birthdays and two of every event existed me. With my two older brothers by my side things didn’t seem so bad…

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