My Life Has Always Been My Nightmare Essay

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My fairy tale life has always been my nightmare. On the outside, I suppose my life looks radiant and full of possibility, however it’s underlining shows my truly dark and deformed existence. A princess, whose family has been ruling for hundreds of years and with more wealth and jewels than anyone could want. In the books I have read the princess is always depicted as a beautiful and free spirit, however that couldn’t be more further from the truth in my case. My heels grace along the stone hallway floor, stopping every few minutes to look at the paintings that hang perfectly on the walls. Family portraits dating back centuries telling me my heritage. The longer I walk in the silent hall the closer to the present I get according to the images.
After a short time the room I’ve been summoned to appears around the corner. Stopping shortly outside the thick wooden doors I turn left and see the portrait I never forget. A couple holding in their arms a little baby girl with glorious golden hair and large brown eyes. The couple look at her lovingly, warm smiles etched onto their faces.
My eyes drop from the image and fall on the title of the work at the bottom of the frame.
King Jude and Queen Layla Heartfilia with Princess Lucy Heartfilia.
That was only painted a few years before my mother Layla passed away. That painting is the only evidence that I have of my mother, and the only thing that ever told me of my fathers happiness before she passed.
Speaking of my father I…

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