My Life Changing Graduation

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Life Changing Graduation “Are you ready for the world to come?”
That was what I asked my sister when she was getting ready to graduate High school. Running through my head the thoughts and feelings were sad and happy but most of all it was the feeling and thought that I was going to miss my older sister.
“Yeah I think I’m ready for what the world throws my way. I know I’m nervous about leaving and going to college though. Having to move away from you, mom, and dad is going to be the hardest thing to do.” Having her say that I looked up to see tears start to build up in her eyes.
I know that we were going to have lots to do so I went and helped a friend of my dad’s, named Tim, who is doing our renovations on our garage. “What
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Today is the day of my sister 's Graduation party. Having to get up at like 7am is never fun but at the end of the day it will be worth it. We had to get everything ready for the party at 11am. We had to get all the seating, food, beverages, games, and our recreational vehicles all out and ready to go. 1st was seating, 2nd was beverages, 3rd was games/ recreational vehicles, and last was the food. The guests started to arrive within 10 minutes to the party time. Soon we were parking on the grass beside, in front and behind our house. The sound was already hooked up all I had to do was press play. Our grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, friends, and some people from my sisters graduating class came and enjoyed the party. My friends and I used the recreational vehicles and played on them. When it turned like 3 or 4 people started to go home there were people going home before but not the majority of them. My sister had to go to bed for school the next day and so did I but my friends spent the night in our living room. Lucky they had close for the next day of

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