My Life Changed After Middle School Essay

711 Words Sep 10th, 2016 3 Pages
Many aspects in my life could be considered “life changing” but I decided to write about the one that helped me the most. Now I’m sure to some this won’t seem “life changing” but it is one that was surely the toughest and most relieving to go through. So shall I start from the beginning?

I’m going to go all the way back to elementary school. I was a happy kid when I was younger but in 4th grade I transferred to a different school and started getting bullied. I got bullied for being new, for being different but at that age, it didn’t hurt that much. That was until middle school came. Literally the worst days of my life to this day. Not even being told at 14 that I had Stage One Melanoma (skin cancer) even comes close to those days of torture. In 7th grade it started to get a little better and I started to gain some confidence. I wasn’t as scared I was the year before and it felt great to finally be myself a little. But I guess all good things come to an end.

The bullying came back and it came back hard. I barely passed 8th grade and it took every teacher I had to help me through that year. They all believed I could do great things but I didn’t. I passed that year with average grades and moved on to my freshman year in high school. Freshman year I really expressed myself more than I ever did in middle school. I was clinically depressed and anxious but I was doing okay for a kid who panicked about walking the halls. The people that bullied me in middle school grew up a…

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