The Importance Of Growing Up In My Life

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As a child I didn’t grow up in the nicest neighborhood but, it was always nice to me that was home and it held lots of memories good and bad. I grew up in a 4 bedroom house and 1 bathroom with my family I didn’t grow up with a big bedroom or my own room I shared with my older sister. Sometimes the house would be crowed when family would come over and stay or live. But we managed it and I guess now that’s why my family and I are so close now. I remember my older cousin made us a waterslide out of trash bags , water , and soap it was fun we all bonded then, my parents couldn’t really afford pools and stuff but they worked their butts off to get us everything they want. Growing up It was kind of hard to tell people that I was bi-racial , I felt …show more content…
My 6th grade year I was bullied but some girl because I was different and I don’t like bullies at all. People were scared of her and I wasn’t and I was sick or her always saying stuff to me and one day I was done and stood up to her. I literally came home every day mad and upset. My parents talked to the principal and they fixed it .Then my 8th grade year I get bulled again but this time it was a guy he was calling me out of my name and every time I told my teacher and she did nothing and later it got worst and worst and I told my dad and he called up to the school and everything all my teachers at this point got involved and I felt like okay my parents got my back and so do at least 7 of my teachers so the guy got in trouble and problem solved. M first my high school year as a freshmen I began to struggle in school a lot I have always felt like school wasn’t a place for me. As if I didn’t belong here like it leveled me down. Sophomore year was great. Junior year that’s when everything went back down. We lost our house and we were living in a motel there was 5 of us at the time and we were in a 2 bed hotel. I was late for school sometimes I felt like people would stare at me because they knew and I distanced myself from my friends. I felt like we were homeless we had nowhere to go. So 2 weeks or so later we moved in with my aunt to Cibolo and it just feels like I don’t belong here it’s not home. It is just a temporary home not where I belong just a nice place to come during summer time. I am a senior now so I can’t wait to graduate and move back to Dallas with my friends and family. Here I just kind of keep to myself and just talk to a few people. My main focus right now is school and graduating. I’m super

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