My Life As A Role Model Essay

1058 Words Mar 10th, 2016 5 Pages
“One needs to have fire in the belly to achieve what one desires to become.”
This quote wasn’t stated by any renowned philosopher, but stated by the person who has inspired me throughout, my father, Abhay Manikeri. Being the Director of Sales and Marketing of a Hotel, the personality and the skills he possessed as a marketer and an efficient leader, led a huge impact in my life. “I want to be like my father” is what I thought. There were great personalities around me in Media, Sports and Business but the only person who became a role model was the person who had a combination of smart work and hard work, who started working as a butler and went on to become the Director, Abhay Manikeri. Sadly, He passed away when I was 15 and from there on, the fire in my belly ignited to become like my father.

My Undergraduate course was Bachelor of Management Studies where we learnt about principles of management. I was first exposed to marketing while studying for my Bachelor degree. While studying about management, I took courses related to marketing, such as Marketing Management, International Marketing and Market Research. In addition to the lectures, we examined several case studies and devised specific solutions for particular problems. Case studies in these courses enabled me to link theory with practice and it was through them that I found myself highly exhilarated by the intellectual challenge and stimulation associated with analyzing market information and formulating strategic…

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