My Life And My Future Essay

850 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
Coming from a broken, home trying to be successful and make it in this world is a struggle I live with every day. I have plenty obstacles in my path to jump over to make this happen.
All I ever wanted to do was be intelligent and learn things I knew nothing about. Being a single parent and having a job and school is a hard thing to juggle throughout the week. I want the knowledge of knowing anything I do not know right now. I will have a lot more doors open for me in my future. I first decided to go back to school when I was studying for my GED. I failed test after test I felt like I could not get it right. Three years later after not giving up and going back to the studying I finally passed. I received the certificate in the mail I knew then I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. I enrolled in college the first chance I had. The feeling of going back to school was emotional, and a little overwhelming. The support system I have is great, the feeling of someone else caring about your education not only for yourself but for your family is a blessing to have. Coming into class and everyone else is able to recognize different words and the language the professor is speaking and I’m sitting in the back like what does that even mean knowing that I am below par I still focus and try to get anything I can out of what he is saying. Later on after class I go home and read my books so that I am on the same page just like everyone else. The other students most likely came out of…

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