Comparing Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, And Civil Rights Struggle

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In my opinion Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, and the Civil Rights Struggle of the 1950s and 1960s was an ongoing continuum of Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X’s stories which demonstrating their values, and ideals while showing their comparisons. I believe in the United States they were seen as main figures in the fight for equality, and think the author was trying to show how they got to where they were which included their views. I say this as whenever these figures tend to be spoken about they are not being on good terms because of their different views. Malcolm X the first time they had met had snuck into MLK’s press conference after than greeting him in front of reporters then they casually had a conversation which shaped the civil rights act later. I believe the assumption which has
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I believe that many listened to Malcom X as he was not giving a censored version or telling people what they wanted to hear he was saying what they were thinking. I think he gained this certain aura after needing to fend for himself so long. Then there was King who was trying for a mostly non-violent approach. So, there came to be these two approaches which people of color where choosing to be a part of both which later could create oppurtunity of equality. As Malcolm got his beliefs from when he was in prison there was King whose base was already laid in his family. I believe that therefore he goes about the nonviolent approach. He had gone about look for an approach which would fit him. While Malcom X was a staple for his movement I believe that King was a voice for everyone as he was fighting for everyone’s rights. Malcom X was more giving logic to justify a manner of denial of their white past suppressors while Malcom was trying to get the equality

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