Malcolm X: Martin Luther King And The Grand Wizard

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In the beginning, there were blacks and whites. There was Martin Luther King Jr. and Arthur F. Lupp, Sr. Malcolm X and the Grand Wizard. throughout the years, Malcolm has evolved from a little boy abused from racists to a man who will fight for freedom under any circumstance. Malcolm has a bad reputation for, unlike Martin Luther King Jr., violent ways of justice. Malcolm X is an influential human being and has taught us all that we deserve to be equal.

Innocent Malcolm Little was born on May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. He was one of eight kids. His parents were Louise Norton Little and Earl Little. Malcolm’s mother was a stay at home mom while his dad was a baptist minister and a major supporter of a Black Nationalists leader named Marcus
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Little had been struck by depression and suffered multiple emotional breakdowns. She was later sent to a mental health institution. All eight of her children were separated into different foster homes and orphanages. (The Northstar Group 2) In year 1941, Malcolm moved to Boston to live with one of his half sisters. After spending quite a bit of time there, he had a fall out. Malcolm quit school and his life changed in one of the worst possible ways. He had fallen into the trap of drugs, gambling, prostitution, and burglary. Malcolm had even acquired his own street name, “Detroit Red”. He was later arrested in 1946 for robbery and was sentenced to eight to ten years in prison. (The Early Years 3) For the first 20 years of his life he has experienced an uncontrollable amount of racism. Malcolm felt separate from whites, then the American System. He then configured that the “American System” was the capitalists system. In jail, Malcolm had gone through a religious change after the realization that “You can’t have capitalism without …show more content…
The prison guards, inmates, even his sister who tried to visit him twice. Malcolm did find a past time while waiting for his sentence to end, which was educating himself. Thats correct; he was smart, then migrated into dangerous activity, got locked up, and now back to the beginning. In his work, he began with teaching himself English and Latin. He read so often that even after lights out he had permanently impaired his vision. (The Early Years 4) During his sentence he had also copied the dictionary, then moved on into works of history, literature, and politics. In year 3 of his sentence, he had reconnected with his siblings and, from their influencing, Malcolm converted to the Nation of Islam also known as Black Muslims. Upon converting to Black Muslim, he had renamed himself Malcolm X, the X stands for his lost African name. He had also changed his name to el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz for a while for religious purposes. (Enisuoh 6) Six years later, Malcolm was released from prison early. when he was released, he traveled straight to Detroit, Michigan, to meet his soon-to-be mentor Elijah Muhammad. Muhammad was the Black Muslim leader. After Malcolm met the leader, he was sent to Harlem, New York to work in what they called Temple Number Seven. the only problem with this is that the Black Muslims believe that whites were, “blue-eyed devils”. (Malcolm

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