Essay on My Life After The State Basketball Tournament

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It was nearly a year ago when my life took a turn. Everything changed from this incident. Even though it didn’t affect me directly, it affected someone very close to me. My brother Easton was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I didn’t know what it meant at first, but it definitely changed my life from that point on.
It all started one Monday afternoon in March. It was just after the state basketball tournament and things were starting to settle down for my family after a busy couple of weeks. My mom and I were hanging out after school in her classroom discussing the plans for the week. She had mentioned that she wouldn’t be at school that Wednesday because she would be taking my brother Easton to a doctor 's appointment. I didn 't think much of it at the time. However, my mom wasn’t too sure about it. At the time my dad was working nights, so Easton would take advantage of the empty space in bed and slept with my mom because he was a momma’s boy. For the last few nights she noticed how frequently he would wake up in the night to use the bathroom or to get a glass of water. He would wake up at least ten time a night which definitely wasn’t normal. She also asked his teaches about it and they agreed with her about how often he would have to go to the bathroom. My mom had done some research online about it and looked up for reasoning behind his problem. Personally, I thought she was just overreacting and going all Google doctor. “Worst case is that it could be diabetes, but…

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