Type I Diabetes Case Study

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At nine, I developed Type I Diabetes which cut my lifespan by 13 years. While it is treatable, there is no cure. My diagnosis brutally shaped me into an individual who was fearful, angry, defeated, and thought she had no control in her life. However, my Endocrinologist found this unacceptable. She forced me to confront my disease and my life head on. Her mantra to me while I was in the hospital was: “You have this disease. Your choice was taken away. But, you get to choose your attitude towards it. So, pivot.” I took what she said to heart.
My diagnosis ignited my passion for helping others transition through difficult times by volunteering at the American Diabetes Association (ADA). My plight and my work at the ADA allowed me to experience
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I have discovered that, while a shortage of viable organs has resulted in extended wait times in the United States for those in need of transplants, the wait times in China are relatively short. Furthermore, Chinese medical practitioners continually strive to innovate the types of transplants performed, as seen with the recent development of a full-face transplant. By pursuing a concentration in Law and Society at the Yenching Academy, I hope to study how China has built such an efficient system and bring this knowledge back to the US and to the larger world. Participating in this program will also afford me the opportunity to work with people with diverse backgrounds whose perspectives will only add to the depth of my …show more content…
I have explored both career options through various internships, but I hope that the interdisciplinary approach that the Yenching Academy provides will enable me to look at the problem of healthcare from a new perspective and lead to a career that will allow me to combine my interests in medicine, global health, entrepreneurship, and policy. In turn, I hope to return this favor later on down the line by mentoring a community of doctors to grow technically and culturally from my experiences in this

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