Essay about My Life After The Medical Field

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I believe every person’s life tells a story, mine is no different, it has always seemed to be headed towards the medical field. Adam is my older brother by 8 years, he has cerebral palsy, spastic quadriplegic with severe ataxia, a severe seizure disorder, mental retardation and more. I am his best friend, I find humor in his disposition and antics as he will always be a child mentally and I will always be an advocate for him. In some areas I can relate to his life. I spent my early childhood with the lower part of my body in traction every night and pain in my legs all day long. My pain and discomfort was caused by re-occurring bilateral Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, a form of osteonecrosis. This bone disease stopped me from being able to do what my friends and family could do such as play most sports or ride a bike. However, swimming and horseback riding helped me somewhat with pain relief as well as with an improvement in my range of motion.
Life was full of therapy visits and doctor visits for myself and my brother. They filled up our calendar almost to the same degree as some families go from one sporting event to the next. Often Adam and I were side by side in wheelchairs when my pain became too much or the walking distance too far. In my youth, I suffered from a seizure disorder which I have since outgrown. As if everything else were not enough on my plate, I found myself gaining emotional weight to the tune of 450 lbs. putting pressure on my body and jeopardizing my…

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