My Experience Of Pursuing A Clinical Study

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I have never been able to extirpate the memory of watching my grandma in her last moments. I was very close to her. She was in pain and was surrounded by all her family members but nobody could do anything to relieve her pain except to rely on the final verdict of the available doctor for the whole locality.Those days, we lived in not a well-privileged place regarding healthcare facilities. I was so desperate to do something for her but I was very naïve then and medicine was a far cry. I always wondered after that as to what caused her pain and whether she could have been helped. I think that was the turning point in making a career choice of my life.
I have always been curious. My father, a banker, would never be able to quench the thirst
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I have always dreamed of learning from an advanced medical setting and I was extremely happy to be a part of it. In those 9 weeks of being a clinical observer, to watch my three preceptors deal with the patients, commiserating them, feeling for them was truly an inspiration for me. Besides it was an excellent learning experience, be it integration and communication of information between departments, advanced diagnostic approach, use of technology in each and every step of delivery of healthcare or up to date procedures; everything was truly mesmerizing. This led to strengthening of my desire to acquire those skills and continue striving to be a good doctor in the field of medicine.
I consider myself a good fit for internal medicine based on qualities such as being a good listener, having better communication skills and my empathetic and caring nature. Henceforth I am looking forward to be the part of your program that helps me become a well trained doctor and competitive candidate for fellowship in the future. I want to keep trying to reach the zenith of this profession with all the hard work, enthusiasm and perseverance it

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