Essay My Life After High School

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My life prior to leaving High School was just about as normal as any other kids at the age of sixteen, I had a great upbringing. Supportive parents, a solid group of friends, I played sports, and didn’t really do anything illegal. I may have drank here and there but at that time I was still nervous my parents would find out or I’d get in trouble with my Baseball coach. I’m not sure if I can pinpoint where it all happened but the summer of my junior year of High School that all slowly started to change. My arm, had started to finally give out after years of Little League, Seniors, AAU, and now High School Baseball.

The fall semester of 2006 my interest in school had started to fade, not so much the act of learning but the general act of subscribing to this social norm that I needed to go to school in order to be successful. I found myself falling in love with music and becoming more serious about my future aspirations. Because of this, my grades slowly started to fade. Shortly thereafter during the Fall of my Junior year I had my first real heartbreak and my girlfriend at the time cheated on me. To top it all off, my grades had suffered so much so that I was unable to try out for the Varsity Baseball team which at the time I was a shoe-in for and the coach was not happy about. I ended up saying screw it and took up smoking. I can still to this day recall my best friend telling me I was going to get addicted to smoking. I didn’t know it at the time but I already was.


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